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Junior + Membership


Great meeting at the club this morning with Scottish Golf's Chief Executive Andrew McKinlay re' our Junior + membership. Many thanks for taking the time Andrew and the tweet.



The course is still closed. The greenstaff are carrying out their inspection however I would be very surprised if thye managed to get it opened. If it does the 1st and 18th will definitley not be open until they clear, which will happen if and when it stops raining!!!

Tree planting @ 8th.


Tree planting @ 8th.

Course closed.


Unfortunately the course is once again closed due to the heavy rain

Spike Bar Refurbishment.


What a transformation!

Other than a few wee finishing touches, pictures, tv etc, the Spike Bar refurbishment is complete and open for business.

Course open with temporary greens.


The course is open with temporary greens in play. If there is any change to the status of the greens following the next inspection at 11 I will update. If playing, care must be taken on slopes/uneven ground given the conditions underfoot.

Course closed


Unfortunately the course is still closed due to the recent rainfall. There will be an inspection at 11.00 to see if there is any improvement.



Michael has had to close the course due to greens flooding with the heavy rain that has been falling in the past hour. if there is any change to this I will update.

Course open with temporary greens.


The course is open with temporary greens in play. Thankfully there has been no significant damage caused by the storm.

Course open but still wet underfoot


A nice start to the day, but with very strong gusts. The course is open with the exception of 1 and 18, that will be off today. Most full greens in play aswell, except from 2,10,12 and 17 which are on winter greens today. We also advise members take care today, as it is slippy underfoot due to the wet conditions.

Calm. For Now!!


Storm Denis doesn't seem to have appeared yet!Greenstaff are still carrying out their inspection but hopefully the status will be the same as yesterday,when there was 15 greens in play , or even better!

15 Greens now in play.


Not very pleasant weather but the greenstaff have managed to get 15 greens in play for anyone wanting to brave it!

Course open.


The course is open however as far as I can tell temporary greens are in play. If or when I hear different I will post.

Course open. Temporary Greens.


The course has just opened with all temp greens in play

Course closed.


Due to persistent rain the course is once again closed.

Course Open. Restrictions in place.


The course is open albeit with restrictions and temporary greens. Play will be from 1-4 , 8 - 16 and all players must go right of the first green. Care has to be taken on all areas of the course and car park.

Course closed.


Probably not surprising that the course is still closed. There is still flooding in areas and in general the ground is saturated.

Closed. Inspection @ 11am


Course is currently closed. Review at 11am. If it opens play is likely to sart at the 17th.

Course Closed


Unsuprisingly the course is closed today, due to heavy rainfall overnight, leaving most of the course covered in water.

Hopefully all greens in play


Very strong and cold wind blowing already. I've still to hear from the greenstaff but hopefully all the greens will be in play. I will update if there is any change.

Greens Going On


Thankfully the frost appears to be lifting and there should be at least 12 full greens going on.

Heavy Frost


Unfortunately there is a heavy frost this morning meaning all winter greens are on.

Dry and mild


Another dry and mild day therefor all greens are on.

Greens on and being cut.


All greens in play which are being mown as are the aprons and tees. Tees are also being fertilised.

18 Greens in Play


Absolutely glorious day and all 18 greens are now in play.

Majority of greens in play.


Initial inspection taking place but Michael is confident that the majority of greens will be in play today.

Ten Greens in play.


Michael and his team have managed to get 10 full greens in play.

Temporary greens in play.


8 mm of rain through the night so temporary greens in play today.

Course open. Temporary Greens.


The course is open today. However, all temporary greens in play today.

Open with temporary greens.


The course is open however temporary greens are in play.

Burns Supper


Lounge taking shape for tonight's Burns Supper.

Most Green On


13 Greens in play today.

Wet but open


A very wet start to the day but the course is open all be it with temporary greens.

13 Greens On


Only 5 temporary greens in play.

Inspection taking place


Course inspection still taking place. Michael is hoping to get some greens on. As soon as I hear what the status is I will update.

Course open. Temporary Greens.


The course is open with temporary greens in play. Care needs to be taken by anyone playing and even in the car park due to the risk of slipping.

Temporary greens in play. Inspection taking place.


Greenstaff are still carrying out their inspection. Temporary greens are on at the moment. If anything changes I will post.

All winter greens


A wet start to the day, with heavy rain currently falling at the course. Course is open today, but all winter greens are in play, and we advise members to be cautious when playing as it is slippy underfoot.

Confident that greens will be on.


Currently still dark outside and greenstaff are carrying out thier inspection howver given the conditions I am confident that all greens will be in play today. If I hear different I will post with update.

Damp start but greens on


Although its a damp start to the day the course is in good shape and all greens are on.

Greens on


Another mild start to the day meaning all greens are on