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Junior + Membership


Great meeting at the club this morning with Scottish Golf's Chief Executive Andrew McKinlay re' our Junior + membership. Many thanks for taking the time Andrew and the tweet.

All winter greens in play today


After inspection from the greenkeepers, all winter greens will remain in play for the rest of the day.

Nice but cold start to the day


Cold start to the day with a frost covering much of the course. All temporary greens will be in play while the greenkeepers carry out their inspection. I will update once they have completed their inspection but there is a high chance that temporary greens will be in play all day.


A very wet night but hopefully we should have most if not all greens on. Unfortunately no buggies.

Then and Now!


A view down the 14th from the right hand side of the 13th green ( prior to the changes it was the 15th green) It's almost 30 years since the club took yet another huge step in it's history by changing the layout of the course and moving holes into the land to the East side of the course. #cowglengolfclub #golf #course #glasgow #scotland #thenandnow #cowglengolfclubproshop


Most if not all greens in play on what is an excellent morning for a game for the time of year. #cowglengolfclub #golf #course #scotland #braiddesigns #cowglengolfclubproshop


A frosty start to the day meaning temp greens and no buggies, hopefully the greens situation will change as the day goes on.


Pretty damp under foot after 25mm of rainfall last night but the course is open with most if not all full greens in play. No buggies unfortunately.


Happy St Andrew's Day! Course open and most if not all greens in play. Buggies not permitted except for single seaters. #cowglengolfclub #standrewsday #golf #scotland #braiddesigns #cowglengolfclubproshop

Course Closed


Due to the snowfall that is currently covering the course, the course is closed until further notice.


A much milder start to the day which will hopefully see all the greens on but with the over night rain 2 seater buggies will not be on.


A cold frosty start to the day with all winter greens most likely in play until the frost lifts. No buggies.


A really excellent morning for the time of year. Relativley mild , dry and no frost. I have still to hear from the greenstaff however I think most if not all greens will be in play.


Stunning but very cold start. All greens are on temporary surfaces and buggies won't be permitted. I will post with any updates if the frost lifts. #cowglengolfclub #frost #golf #wintegolf #jamesbraid #cowglengolfclubproshop

Cold Start


A nice but cold start to the morning, with a slight frost covering much of the course currently. Forecast is for it to be nice all day today, so a great day for a game if you can cope with the cold temperature. I'd imagine most if not all greens will be in play today, I will update if any winter greens are on today once the greens staff finish their inspection.

An overcast start to the day


It's still currently dark with some questionable clouds overhead, the weather forecast doesn't look too good today. Hopefully this comes to nothing and it will be a good day for a game. I will post if any winter greens are in play, once I hear from the greens staff.


Trophies polished and lounge looking sharp for tonight's Prize Giving. It's great to be able hold this again after last year's being cancelled and welcome over 100 members and guests to celebrate a fantastic year of golf at the club. Congratulations to all this year's winners, runner ups and everybody else who took part in all the events throughout the year. #cowglengolfclub #golf #trophies #winners #silverware


All greens in play with the exception of the 13th as drainage work continues on what is an incredibly mild morning for the time of year. Buggies are permitted today.#cowglengolfclub #drainagework #golf #greenkeeping #scotland #jamesbraidcourse #cowglengolfclubproshop


A wet and windy start to the day, not really ideal. All greens are on but no buggies in play.


Like so many of the jobs carried out by our magnificent greenstaff, keeping the course clear of leaves at this time of year, like here on the 17th fairway, is an essential task which takes up a huge amount of time and resources.

There are no buggies permitted and only 17 greens in play today as work is being carried out on the 7th.

#cowglengolfclub #golf #greenkeeping #autumnleaves #course #braiddesigns #cowglengolfclubproshop


The greens were already looking and playing incredibly well for the time of year but looking even sharper after being cut this morning. #cowglengolfclub #greenkeeper #greenkeeping #golf #course #cowglengolfclubproshop


18 greens in play on another excellent morning for the time of year. #cowglengolfclub #autumncolours #autumn #golf #course #glasgow #jamesbraidcourse #cowglengolfclubproshop

Fairway Protection


Another superb start to the day for the time of year. All greens in play however fairway protection commences. #cowglengolfclub #golf #course #scotland #greenkeeping #braiddesign #cowglengolfclubproshop

An overcast start to the day


An overcast start to the day, with the forecast for it to stay like this for much of the day. A reminder to members that the remembrance service will take place at the club at 10:50, and the minutes silence will be at 11. This will start and end with the sounding of the airhorn for all those out on the course.


A chilly but otherwise lovely start to the weekend. All greens in play. Happy golfing! #cowglengolfclub #autumnleaves #golf #course #weekend #glasgow #jamesbraiddesign #cowglengolfclubproshop


Unfortunately conditions are nowhere near as nice as they've been in the past few days but all 18 greens are on and buggies are permitted for the time being. If the weather continues to deteriorate the decision to allow buggy use may be changed. #cowglengolfclub #golf #autumncolours #aerialphotography #drone #glasgow #braiddesign #cowglengolfclubproshop


For mid November its pretty much a perfect morning for a game of golf.


Very cold start but no frost thankfully so all greens in play and buggies permitted. #cowglengolfclub #autumn #golf #course #club #scotland #braiddesign #cowglengolfclubproshop


Despite the Grey skies ,conditions are currently reasonable and forecast to improve. All greens and buggies in play. #cowglengolfclub #autumn #golf #braiddesign #glasgow #cowglengolfclubproshop


For the time of year it's an excellent start to the day. Flat calm ( at the moment) unlike yesterday which has left many areas of the course like the right side of the 2nd covered in leaves. All greens and buggies in play. #cowglengolfclub #autumnleaves #autumncolours #golf #scotland #jamesbraidgolfcourse #cowglengolfclubproshop

Brighter start to the day


A nicer start to the day compared to yesterday with dry and windy conditions. The forecast is for it to stay dry most of the day, so a good day for a game considering the time of year. Buggies are permitted today.


A miserable wet and windy start to the day but the course is open.